Fall Graduation 2021: A Photo Album

The ceremony honored 354 students who were awarded their associate degree, diploma, or technical certificate of credit, and 57 students who were High School Equivalency graduates.  Among those graduating, the college awarded 65 associate degrees, 109 diplomas, and 313 technical certificates for Fall Semester 2021.  The commencement ceremony was held at the University of GeorgiaContinue reading “Fall Graduation 2021: A Photo Album”

Rediscovering Apprenticeships

By Nicole West, Executive Director for Departmental Affairs Apprenticeships are experiencing a renaissance, but they don’t look the way they used to. Apprenticeships have been around for a long time—since the Middle Ages. That might be why the topic of apprenticeships has some people imagining a set from Game of Thrones. But those people are thinkingContinue reading “Rediscovering Apprenticeships”

A Small Town Story

By Michael Williams The biggest shock I ever had in my life was when I was about to undergo throat surgery in my local hospital, and two of my former students appeared wordlessly in the waiting area and began slowly wheeling me back into the operating room. Already nervous, I began racking my brain, franticallyContinue reading “A Small Town Story”


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